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Basement Conversion carried out by DIY enthusiast Andrew Reeves - Bredon House Hotel - cellars converted in one weekend DIY by a father and two sons.

Real life fitting photos in a cellar showing a Basement Conversion using the fastest Membrane and Batten method.

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The Cellar/Basement Project - in Malvern - basement conversion under an Hotel - seal walls and floors

Here is a project that Kathy, my wife, and I actually carried out with a friend, with the help of his family and in exchange for a nice weekend away in Malvern.

Andrew and Sue had two barrel vaulted cellars or basements under the carpark of their small Hotel (Bredon House) and wanted to create a Utility Room in one and an Office for Andrew in the other. The second Cellar extended into a small room which also needed lining.

Andrew used 'battening' timbers fixed with screws into the plug heads to then line with plasterboard. He also used Membrane on the floors which were then covered in sheets of chipboard.

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Andrew fitting plugs with silicone seals on the necks to the holes drilled by his son

Andrew fits Kontract Membrane to a curved wall

Sons one and two drilling the end wall - note that you can see

enough through the material to pick the best places to drill.

Andrews's sons drill the end cellar wall and  hammer in the plastic plugs.

Fitting the plasterboard to the curved sides - insulation can be

fitted between the battens.

Plasterboard is then nailed or screwed onto the wooden battens

The curved plasterboard roof taking shape. The troops retired for

tea and biscuits frequently.

Partly lined cellar - some plasterboard in place

The Membrane continues out into the room beyond the cellar,

where the end wall is below ground. Note the solid insulation.

Cellar corner in the main room showing vertical battens screwed to the plug heads

One of the finished cellars - the floor is chipboard in this one,

concrete screed in the other (a Utility Room).

Lined and skim plastered - painted cellar after lining

These Cellars have functioning drains, so there was no need

to fit a sump and pump system.

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Products used in this Project:

Kontract membrane material - plastic dimpled sheet on a roll. Easy to cut and trim.

Plug being hammer into wall through Membrane

Black Plugs - holes moulded ready for No.10 self tapping screws

Screw for batten, showing plug and plug seal in hand

Plug Seals - slip over plugs to seal faces to membrane

Double Sided Tape - to join membrane, onto overlaps (about 75mm - 3 rows of dimples)

Floor option - just lay chipboard flooring or screed directly onto the waterproof membrane

Plastering - plaster with ordinary Bonding lightweight plaster

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