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Foundation waterproofing using Geotextile Membrane

Underground Waterproofing - easy to install, plastic membrane with filter mesh facing - easy fix with bang-in plastic plugs, covered in mesh ready to plaster.

membrane material - plastic 8mm dimpled sheet on a roll with welded on Geotextile mat filter material. Easy to cut and trim with scissors or knife.

sealing and fixing - special Mastic Rope and Tape, with plugs to suit both wall fixing methods.

wall primer option - in most cases Technoseal Liquid DPM is applied as a primary foundation coating.

perforated ground drain - essential at the base of the wall, to act as a conduit for the removal of drained water.

Underground walls - how to drain and protect - see Building Regulations

Waterproofing 'GEOTEX' Membrane

As used by the Trade - Geotex is easy to fix on any type of masonry

1. Kit includes 25 square metres of membrane - 2 metres wide x 12.5 metres long

2. Comes with plastic hammer-in plugs and waterproof seals, ready to use

3. No special tools required - just drill 8mm holes.

4. Quick to install - drill & bang-in the plugs

5. Top edge trim - fix the Profile Strip at ground level

6. Effective - as used by the Professionals for old and new wall waterproofing underground


Edge of Geotex, showing the filter layer

Waterproof Membrane with Geotextile mat showing at the edge

Geotex Top Fixing - optional screwed method

Geotex Top Fixing details - plastic profile strip fixed with stainless steel screws

Geotex close up showing studs (8mm) and textile filter mat

Geotex Mat showing the layers - 8mm stud height for drainage.

To follow the installation in an existing building, if an underground extension is being installed, you may also need to fit a new Damp Proof Course, to comply with the relevant standards. This should be injected at least 150mm above exterior ground level.

To comply with the Building Regulations you will also need a second damp proofing barrier - we recommend either Cement Based Tanking or Technoseal Liquid Rubber.

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How to install a damp proof course - start your Geotextile at this level, hanging downwards

First, check for high ground levels, leaking gutters and downpipes, water leaks. A Damp Proof Course must be at least 6 inches (150mm) above abutting ground level (whether internal or external), to avoid splash up or 'bridging'.

1. Drill 12mm diameter holes at 120mm intervals in the mortar course (or via the brickwork, angled down to meet the mortar course) selected to be at least 150mm above outside or abutting ground level

2. Fit the extension nozzle to the cartridge tube and load into the skeleton gun

3. Inject cream from the bottom of the hole outwards until the hole is full.

4. Replaster to our specification.

5. Treat any skirting boards or joinery with Boron Ultra Gel.

Holes can be capped with mortar or fitted with a plastic plug

Replastering to a minimum of 1.2 metres internally, to our specification, using sand and cement and Rendapruf integral waterproofer, is required to finish the job and to prevent 'salts' damage to plaster finishes and decorations.

Our Products required: Quick Cream DPC, Skeleton Gun - either a 400cc or professional 1000cc

Optional Products: Rendapruf Replastering Additive (5 litre), Wall Plugs, Boron Ultra Gel (2.5 litre), UltraProof exterior wall treatment (5 litre or 25 litre), Anti-Mould Paint (2.5 litre), Professional Skeleton Guns (400cc or 1000cc), Professional Extension Nozzle (for repeated use with 1000cc cartridges)

Tools Required: 12mm masonry bit, electric hammer drill, eye protection

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Damp Proofing Cream - Typical usage rates:

4.5 inch thick (115mm) single leaf wall - 1000cc (1 litre) per 9 metres, inject from either side

9 inch thick wall (230mm) double leaf solid or cavity - 1000cc(1 litre) per 4.5 metres, inject from one side or from both sides.

18 inch thick wall (460mm) solid or random fill - 1000cc (1 litre) per 2 metres, inject from both sides

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