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Damp problems - Case Study of fitting Cavity Drainage Membrane to a damp basement

Basement Conversion Project

Step 1 - strip out, hack off plaster and render, dig up loose floors. Treat all walls and remaining floors with two coats of Salt Neutraliser.

Basement conversion - kitchen wall and old chimneyBasement conversion - damp old floor and damp walls.

Kitchen stripped out, ceiling removed - entrance to lounge, showing dug out floor and salty bricks.

Step 2- install Aquachannel, dig Sump hole (not required with vented system, or where a drain is available)

Aquachannel drainage in the basement ready for concrete floor.Sump hole in damp floor  of basement

Aquachannel plastic drainage installed, with a slope (fall) of about 1 in 5 - leads round to sump hole, ready for sump.

Step 3 - install Sump

Sump kit for basement floorSump kit showing pump and plumbing pipework.Sump kit showing float switch on pump.

Choice of Sump Kits - yellow sump takes two pumps, black sump takes one only. The pumps have a float attached to a switch.

Step 4 - install Kontract Wall Membrane and wooden battens

Membrane on walls with battens fixed.Walls of basement fitted with Membrane and battens.

Pantry walls lined with Kontract cavity drain Membrane - showing wooden battens and cables coming through.

Insulation was added between the battens.

Note black Corner Tape near the floor - this double seals the Kontract wall membrane to the one under the floor, for a Sealed System.

Batten fixing details.Plugs for battens for self tapping screws.

Wooden batten ready to drill for No.10 or No.12 (4.5mm diameter) self tapping screws - holes already moulded into plug heads.

Step 5 - install Insulation, Plaster Board, skim finish and decorate

Basement convetrted to dry, insulated, warm accommodation.

Too good to be true? No - a lovely job - dry and warm.

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