How to kill black mould -

5 year Guarantee

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 Mold treatment - mould cleaner and antimold paint additive. 


How to kill black mold permanently - 5 year guarantee


1. Apply Surface Cleanser to the wall with a sponge - allow to dry.

2. Add the AntiMould Paint Additive to your chosen paint and apply as usual.

3. Use our Hygrometer to monitor how much moisture there is in the air in your house - adjust your heating and ventilation to keep the reading between 55% and 65% for comfortable, condensation free living.

Complete Kit available -

1 x Surface Cleanser (makes 5 litres)

plus 2 x Paint Additives (enough for 5 litres of paint)

or buy the products separately.

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Data Sheet for Surface Cleanser - click here

Data Sheet for AntiMould Paint Additive - click here

How to test for condensation

Test the walls of the building with our Condensation Test Kit and look for evidence of mold - usually 'black spot' - this indicates that you have Condensation forming on the coldest surfaces in the room. Unless you can increase ventilation and heating, consider using our Anti-Mold Paint Additive or Anti-Mould Emulsion Paint - guaranteed for 5 years!

If necessary, treat all plaster with the anti-mold treatment supplied with the paint and then redecorate.

Measure the Relative Humidity - use our Hygrometer to monitor the conditions in each affected room and use the Memory function to check the exact conditions overnight, the time when temperature falls and condensation is most likely. This meter helps you to control the conditions that cause condensation and to monitor the use of your heating, ventilation and dehumidification.

Available in standard and large display versions

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Large numbers Home Humidity Meter


Salts and Mould on a wall suffering from condensation, penetrating and rising dampness

Mould and Salting on a damp wall.

Quick DIY Master Class in Dampness and Condensation - become your own Expert in 1 hour! Buy our "Dampness in Buildings" reprinted book by the great expert Graham Coleman. A great read, short and to the point.

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Use a Hygrometer to check how damp the air is in your house.


Home Humidity Meter - how damp is your air?.

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